Koala Cartoon

In this lesson - how to draw a koala... Id like to show you a really simple way to draw the animal in sort of a two for one fashion.

Koalas are fairly simple animals with respect to their shape. Their most defining features would be their big fluffy ears and their big black noses. Aside from this... just make sure its grey, fluffy-looking and cute!

With these ideas in mind - drawing two koalas (both mother and baby) is simple as basically - the smaller version can be drawn as a small replica of the larger version.

If drawing a framework is something you find to be of help, heres a quick and simple way to go about it. Notice how a koala can be broken down into a series of simple circles - six in total when drawn in this position.

Looking at the finished framework above, you can see that drawing a koala is much easier when you keep the big picture in mind. The baby - in this lesson and position, can be drawn as a small replica of the original, as it really helps to simplify things, letting you focus on the fun part - drawing your koala to look as cute and unique as ever!

Of course - if you only want to draw one, then do so. Ok, heres how to draw the actual koala now...

Beginning with the little guy - if of course youre going to be drawing two koalas... go ahead and draw in the eyes and nose. The eyes, nose and ears of a koala are its key defining features. Add a mouth too if you like, but here - keeping to simplicity... I decided to avoid the extra details.

Heres how to draw a koala - both baby and mother...

Well, what do you think? Looks pretty cute, doesnt it! Actually - here - weve really kept our animals nice and simple. Maybe even a bit too simple for your liking? If so, its really quite easy to add some more details to your koalas, and make them look even better. The ears for example. If you were to redraw them, you could add quick whispy lines coming off each side to achieve a closer likeness. You could also add a mouth, some claws, etc.

And other than that - youre all done! Congratulations. Next up - grab some pencil crayons and give your animal some color. Or if you like...